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The Essence of Life helping you find the light within!

The Essence oF Life

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The Essence of life Wellnes Center is about helping you create a healthier, happier, loving life, that focuses on your energy and true essence in this life.  Wellness for the Mind, Body and Spirit.


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I am a Reiki Master specializing in Reiki Energy Healing, Chakra Healing and Ascension Guidance. I help you increase the quality of your life through Mind, Body and Spirit raising your vibration and light.

Special Thank You:

To God Our Father: Without you  nothing is possible, with you everything is possible.  I thank you for guiding us and surrounding us with your love, light and protection each and every day.

To Tricia Culligan Reiki Master/ Teacher/ Friend: For all your love, inspiration, and  devotion to teaching us Reiki and so much more. For being there when we had questions and encouraging us to challenge ourselves and become who we are. For your teachings on prayer and angels, you are truly and Earth Angel.

To Dave and Jonella Bachman Reiki Masters/ Mediums/ Teachers/ Friend: For all the support you have given us, encouraging us to trust ourselves and what we believe.  For helping us look further into our physic abilities and use those abilities in your Tuesday night development circle. For my first Reiki healing experience with Dave, words cannot explain the love and power you have.  For your advice and gifts and continued support toward our dreams.

We Thank You!


"I just wanted to let you know that my first Reiki treatment  was Amazing!  I just cannot thank you enough except to say that I highly recommend Reiki & You to anyone who has a physical, spiritual or emotional need.  God Bless and I will be back for more!!-- Marlyin - Florida